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Hotel Shambala feels passionately about supporting causes that work in empowering and improving the lives of people who are unfortunately unable to do so themselves. While our contributions may be small, we feel our contributions can make a BIG difference to those that receive the assistance. Accordingly, we have chosen to work with small non-profit organizations, where our contributions find the best value to the recipients.

We are proud to associate ourselves with a few organizations that we believe are doing excellent work in their respective fields.

Grassroots Movement in Nepal

Grassroots Movement in Nepal (GMIN) is a registered non-profit organization based in New York City, USA and was founded by energetic and dedicated individuals who wanted to see changes from a grassroots level in Nepal. They use local knowledge and collective intelligence to address the pressing issues of Nepalese society. GMIN operates entirely through donors and operates primarily on the efforts of volunteers. Through this lean network, GMIN ensures us that the end receivers of contributions get value from the contributions.

Read more about GMIN at

Food 4 Everyone

Food 4 Everyone (F4E) was started by a group of women in Australia, who felt strongly about hunger in developing countries and decided to do something about it. Through support from friends and family they started a non-profit organization that helps to alleviate hunger in developing countries. After working on a similar program in Cambodia, F4E have now been working in Nepal by supporting a few orphanages in the Kathmandu, Nepal. They work closely with the orphanages operate and how donations are utilized to ensure that it is all well spent and that the recipients receive most of the contributions. Hotel Shambala has agreed to work with one of these orphanages by providing food and other necessities to ensure that the children are well fed and cared for. We work with F4E to coordinate our efforts and to reduce waste and improve efficiency in helping out these orphanages.

We currently support New Children’s Home, Hattigauda, Kathmandu.

Learn more about F4E at: