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A Refreshing Hike to Bishnudwar, Shivapuri National Park

Bishnudwar is the origin of the Bishnumati River, one of Kathmandu’s most important rivers. Bishnumati is also religiously significant. Both Hindus and Buddhists regard this river as sacred. Bishnudwar, located on the Shivapuri National Park trail, is one of the most convenient and quick refreshment destinations in the bustling and busy city of Kathmandu. The pleasant trail and eye-catching greenery add to this hiking route.  The hike to Bishnudwar is around 2 to 3 hrs. Anyone with a basic level of hiking experience can explore this area.

Budanilkantha is the starting point for the hike to Bishnudwar. Hotel Shambala’s van will take you to Budhanilkantha, or to the entrance gate of Shivapuri National park where your actual hiking begins. To enter the National Park, you must get a ticket. You will be charged Npr. 100 per person for Nepali, Npr. 600 for SAARC countries, and Npr. 1000 for foreigners. After you enter the national park you will see a signboard that shows the direction of Bishnudwar. There are many astonishing waterfalls on the journey. You can click pictures or even swim in the waterfalls. This route is a bit uphill but looking at nature you’ll forget all your tiredness. You’ll hear the music of the waterfall along the trail. Also, if you’re lucky you’ll get to see deer, different species of birds and animals, and plants as well.

After nearly two hours of hiking, the forests open up and uncover a dazzling view of Kathmandu Valley. After roughly an hour’s hike, you’ll see signboards showing the routes to Bagdwar, Bishnudwar, and Shivapuri peak. As we come closer to Bishnudwar, we can hear waterfall music which is so relaxing and calming. There is a cave near the end of the water body with many stones piled up and a sort of holy shrine visible out there.

What should you bring during Bishnudwar hike?

Since there are no shops or restaurants, you should fill up your water bottles and buy your necessities. You should also consider carrying a small medical kit in case of emergencies.

When is the perfect time to go on this hike?

Hiking here during the rainy season is most likely a bad idea. The trails are filled with flowers and birds during the spring season, which extends from March to early April, and the autumn season, which extends from September to December, is considered the best time to hike up to Bishnudwar.

Attractions along Bishnudwar Hiking Route

Budhanilkantha Temple

 The Budhanilkantha Temple, also known as Jal Narayan Temple, is a significant temple for both Hindus and Buddhists in Kathmandu Valley. The Budhanilkantha Temple is devoted to the Hindu deity Vishnu. In the midst of a pond, there lies a 3-meter-tall figure of Lord Vishnu resting on a bed of snakes.The sleeping statue of Vishnu is fashioned of a single piece of black basalt rock. Lord Vishnu’s statue has four arms, each holding a Sudarshana Chakra (discus), Panchajanya Shanka (conch), Kaumodaki Gada (mace), and Padma (lotus flower).

Jamchen Vijaya Stupa

Jamchen Vijaya Stupa, located atop Budhanilkantha hill, is a revered Buddhist landmark. This newly constructed stupa features an incredible architectural design and gives an exceptional view of the beauty of Kathmandu valley. As you climb to the summit, the fresh air and tranquil surroundings will welcome you to enjoy the moment. The white dome, which has been adorned with golden artifacts and Tibetan symbols and has an icon of Lord Buddha, is a stunning piece of art. The stupa’s environment is tranquil and serene, soothing and calming your thoughts. Inside the dome, you will be enchanted by the scent of Tibetan incense, which has been lit to honor Lord Buddha.                                                                            

Hotel Shambala – Relaxing Retreat after Bishnudwar Hike

The hike to Bishnudwar is a complete fusion of physical adventure with spiritual and refreshing experience within the embrace of nature and greenery. The trail has religious and cultural significance as the route is the origin of the sacred Bishnumati river. The walk through the Shivapuri National Park replaces the city hustle with the chirping of birds and fresh air. 

After a long hike, there is no other better place than Hotel Shambala to relax. Residing in the heart of Kathmandu valley, this boutique hotel offers the perfect place to rest for weary adventurers. After your tiring  journey to Bishnudwar, get yourself pampered at Ayatana Spa with personalized service and ensure your every need is met. Enjoy a delicious meal at Erma Restaurant and hop on the rooftop infinity pool with a refreshing drink and dive into the ultimate relaxation.

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