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Christmas BBQ EVENT 2020

Since the tradition holds that Jesus was born at night, people like to celebrate Christmas at the evening. Hotel Shambala thus hosted the Christmas event during the late evening of 24th and 25th of December.

However, the pandemic had made gatherings more difficult and potentially unsafe so hotel’s main concern was to celebrate without increasing risk of COVID-19 to the staffs and the guests.

Considering the situation, Shambala suited up for an open-air party. The event was hold outdoors at the rooftop of Shambala, Cloud Nine Café and Lounge. The indoor space was ensured to be well-ventilated. To maintain the social distance, a small number of guests were targeted. The frequently touched surfaces were kept clean. The singing or shouting was avoided to limit the emission of particles into the air. Guest who visited the event were asked to follow the safety measures concluding the sanitization process at the entrance of the hotel.

The true meaning of Christmas is to bring light during the darkest time of the year by helping the ones in need, so there was a beautiful decoration of lights varying from candle lights and fairy lights to Bon-Fire. The decoration was overblown as from the venue we could see Kathmandu completely drenched in lights. The main attraction of the event was unlimited Barbecue, Live Pasta, Varieties of Salad, Christmas Special Mulled Wine and Dessert.

Though the pandemic there was a good number of early bookings. The event was successful with pleasant and handy size of crowd who celebrated the Christmas by grilling some happiness and filling their soul with wintry evening at rooftop of Hotel Shambala.

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