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Hotel Shambala

PO Box 5831, Bansbari
Kathmandu, Nepal

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Safe Shambala

What are we doing to keep you safe at Shambala?

Our Safe Shambala initiative includes a list of practices that meet WHO guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Our approach begins with educating ourselves, find the right equipment and items to manage the process, and educating our staff and our visitors the best practices to stay safe. We understand that hygiene and safety is the foremost priority for our guests and we’ve taken every step to meet those expectations. We have a Covid Responsibility Team, comprising one recognized member from each department of the hotel which is responsible for developing the norms and behaviors to minimize risk and enhance safety. The team also undertakes regular monitoring to ensure that existing standards have been followed strictly.

ECOLAB Collaboration
To create a safe space for employees and guests, Shambala has teamed up with Ecolab to work on standard infection control practice and compliance. The Eco Lab team provided training on the necessary anti-bacterial hand washing products, food safety and surface disinfection which we currently use at Hotel Shambala. All the disinfectant chemicals are skin safe and environmentally safe.

We ensure that all our staff maintain hand hygiene, by providing all our staff with a personal hand-sanitizer as well as placing hand-sanitizing stations available throughout the hotel. Additionally, any staff that is required to handle items which maybe touched by the guests (waiter, cashier, housekeeping) are required to wear rubber gloves at all times. The Ecolab sanitizers have been approved by WHO to combat COVID-19 and safe for hands without any harmful side effects.

All visitors and staff are required to wear masks in public areas, especially when walking around. We provide complimentary masks to all visitors in case they misplace theirs. The only areas where masks are not required are when guests are seated in the dining table or meeting spaces after maintaining the required 1-meter social distance.

While we believe our staff and guests are aware of best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we do feel it will take some time to get used to it. So, we have installed simple signage throughout the hotel to remind all staff and visitors to practice social distancing, wear masks at all times, and use the best practices that we have implemented at Hotel Shambala following WHO guidelines.

Shambala offers a variety of contactless options for those tech savvy customers. Guests can use our online registration option to make reservation or check-in and check-out. Our QR code- online menu allows customers to view the food menu on their phone and place orders too. By using e-sewa or Fonepay guests have the option to make mobile payments hence reduce the need to handle cash. Online Credit card authorization is also an option for those without a mobile pay option.

While continuous cleanliness is always a mission at Hotel Shambala, we’ve identified high contact points that are sanitized multiple times a day as needed. These points are considered high risk and include elevator buttons, lobby counter tops, railings and door handles. Dining tables are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before we allow other guests to use the same table. Guest rooms are also cleaned and sanitized with a fogging machine to allow complete sanitization. Additionally, guest rooms are left vacant for 72 Hours to completely erase any risk to our next guests.

For Food safety we use, an EPA registered disinfectant Ecolab Oasis 146 Multi Quat which is an effective protection from the threat of tested foodborne organisms. It is a food contact no rinse sanitizer used in the kitchen. This chemical is certified Food safe by the FDA.

At Hotel Shambala we continue to monitor the products and process we use to evaluate guest safety and comfort. Using guest & staff feedback we will continue to improve our process as new information becomes available to us. It is a new world and we will continue to work to towards providing the best guests experience in this new normal.

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