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Tourism/Hospitality Industry Recovery 2021

With no doubt, 2020 was not easy for all of us. Businesses were placed on a break and supply chains were interrupted and economy was distorted worldwide. Most importantly, hospitality and tourism industry were upsetting and distressing. But now we can see signs of improvement.  The numbers of people getting infection are decreasing day to day. Similarly, the vaccination rate is increasing.

People are excited and hopeful about travel in 2021. Findings says around 70% of the participants want to travel in 2021. Many of them also carried over some of their vacation days from 2020 into 2021. Though the progress seems slow but hopefully we won’t have this dim outlook for long.

The recovery is expected to fuel with the domestic leisure travel. Likewise, the small and medium events international events are likely to start in the mid of 2021 followed by the group and business travel by the end of 2021.

The progressive viewpoint is directed by the hospitality sector adopting contactless self-services in operations. Once the vaccine de-escalates the fear of COVID-19, people will surely step out leading to improved tourism. At the same time, the industry is likely to be prepared with advances, innovation, stellar service and customer experience that will boost the tourism.

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