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Hotel Shambala

PO Box 5831, Bansbari
Kathmandu, Nepal

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Training on standard infection control practice by Ecolab

Hotel Shambala is reopening the doors to visitor as Kathmandu has gradually emerged from COVID-19 lockdown. To construct a safe space for its employees and guests, Hotel Shambala is working with Ecolab team to determine which disinfectant products training can facilitate for the best results.

Ecolab team provided training on standard infection control practice and compliance to the hotel employees. The team shared the information regarding the eco-friendly anti bacterial hand washing products, Ecolab hand sanitizer and surface disinfection products such as Ster Bac and Multi Quat that they are supplying to the hotel. The training also involved information related to hand hygiene and steps to help protect themselves, other employees and guests in the hotel. Likewise, the team presented the right distancing protocols to reduce points of contact that needs to be implemented by each of the employee to make the guest feel they are been cared more than before.

The training was successful in providing all the required information and steps to use the recovery products to reduce the risk of infection in the hotel.

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