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Hotel Shambala

PO Box 5831, Bansbari
Kathmandu, Nepal

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Tourism/Hospitality Industry Recovery 2021

With no doubt, 2020 was not easy for all of us. Businesses were placed on a break and supply chains were interrupted and economy was distorted worldwide. Most importantly, hospitality and tourism industry were upsetting and distressing. But now we...

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Christmas BBQ EVENT 2020

Since the tradition holds that Jesus was born at night, people like to celebrate Christmas at the evening. Hotel Shambala thus hosted the Christmas event during the late evening of 24th and 25th of December. However, the pandemic had made gatherings...

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Post-COVID Travel, Nepal

Nepal is trying to pull through the travel and tourism sector that was badly hit by the pandemic. The reopening has come with limitations and is mainly restricted to those seeking to climb famous peaks. As, Nepal is residence to eight of the 14 highest...

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Safe Shambala

What are we doing to keep you safe at Shambala? Our Safe Shambala initiative includes a list of practices that meet WHO guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Our approach begins with educating ourselves, find the right equipment and items to...

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